The ERA extra virgin olive oil is produced at the foot of the Iblei Mountains on an estate of fifteen hectares of land where the Moresca cultivar olives (PDO Iblei Mountains), typical of the area, are cultivated with passion, which together with those of the Carolea cultivar, Biancolilla, Nocellara and Coratina cultivar, create the perfect blend of this oil produced in organic farming. Each year the different cultivars are calibrated to give light to two different blends that characterize the ERA production.

The property also grows Tarocco and Navel orange trees, PGI Syracuse lemons (Syracusan Femminiello quality), almonds (very fine pizzuta, fascionello and Roman qualities), carob trees and various fruit trees that embellish this corner of Sicily. Multiple species of birds, hares and foxes inhabit this “district” (which is not casually called Volpiglia), located near one of the most important international nature reserves.



The property extends into the countryside of Noto, the city with the most beautiful Baroque balconies in the world as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it’s 6 kilometers away from the Vendicari nature reserve, with its proud Sveva Tower built by Pietro D’Aragona and the salt pans that for a long time had a big economic importance for the territory, starting from the nearby Vendicari tonnara.

Noto, at the southeastern end of Sicily, is almost Africa since it’s so much near Tunis. A place where two seas cross, where the vegetation is so extraordinary and luxuriant that it sometimes looks like an Eden, with an almost magical light that even when you move away it hardly leaves your and scents so intense that they do not abandon you even after you get back home. A place where you can breathe classical culture everywhere because everything and everyone here is steeped in history and proud of their roots. Nature is brazen and luxuriant here, plants, scents and colors merge into one and give off a very special energy.