Organic farming considers the entire agricultural ecosystem, exploits the natural fertility of the soil, favouring it with limited interventions, promotes the biodiversity of the environment in which it operates and excludes the use of synthetic products and genetically modified organisms.
Organismo di Controllo autorizzato MIPAAF: IT BIO 009
Operatore controllato n. BV28

“We cultivate our extra virgin olive oil with a meticulous attention to the respect of its biological principles. All our suppliers assure us the same quality standards and are all strictly certified.

The people who work our land take care of it using traditional and natural methods in full regard of the environment. Respect for the nature around us is the basis of our activity. A respect that nature itself gives us, making us constantly move. Our conviction is that contributing to this respect, to the attention to the environment, to thinking and to biological actions is the only possible future”.